An Overview of Blog Carnivals


For bloggers looking for ways to promote their blogs, an easy way of driving traffic to their blog is to participate in blog carnivals.

Basically, a blog carnival promotional event for blogs whereby one blogger plays the host while other bloggers join as participants.

A host blogger announces a date for the carnival together with the topic. The participant bloggers who write blogs about that particular topic will then write a post related to the topic of the carnival, eventually publishing it on their blogs.

Every participating blogger sends a link to the host that contains information relating to their specific entry to the blog carnival.

On the blog carnival’s date, the host blogger publishes a post containing links to the entries of every one of the participants.

In most cases, the host writes a summarized version of each link, it is up to him or her to decide how they will display the links to the numerous entries.

Eventually, when the host publishes the blog carnival post, readers of their blog will have an easy access to a wide variety of posts that are related to a topic that interests them.

Every participant blogger is expected to promote blog carnivals in advance of the carnival date within their own blogs, hence attracting traffic to the host’s blog. It is assumed that on the day of the carnival, readers of the host’s blog will want to read the various entries by participants.

They will follow the links to read the participant’s blogs, hence attracting new traffic to the blogs written by the participants.

Often, blog carnivals are ongoing events with the hosts running such carnival on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.

However, they can also be a one-time event as well. Host bloggers may put out a call content through contacting other bloggers who write about the topic of the carnival, do it on their own blog.

Blog carnivals have several advantages, one of them being that they present a great way for bloggers to get the word around concerning their blogs.

Other bloggers who had not seen a certain blogger’s post previously will now recognize him or her as part of the gang.

This may result in some of them coming back to read that particular blogger’s posts now that they know he or she is in the same niche.

Another advantage presents itself in that all participant bloggers in a carnival are supposed to provide link-backs to the carnival. This increases the host blogger’s exposure to Google and other search engines, hence providing the benefits associated with SEO.

In addition, a participant is likely to come across new favorite websites that they can read regularly. At times, having like-minded bloggers to interact with can go a long way to making the process of blogging more fun.

Participating in blog carnivals gives a host blogger the satisfaction that comes with assisting the blogging community. This is because they assist newer bloggers get more exposure and become better known. This contributes to the eventual growth of the blogging community.

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