Brief Overview Of ICANN


icann-logoICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is an internet corporation that monitors and regulates the Domain Names System (DNS), ensuring that every domain name used is unique.

They also ensure that internet users will find valid addresses of the website there want to visit. The role of the ICANN, though limited has an important part in maintaining the ease of use of the internet.

DNS or Domain Names System is basically an easy to use name website owners use as an alternative to the much harder to memorize IP address. Instead of remembering lists of long strings of numbers, personalized domain names can be used to better remember website addresses.

However, because websites are literally millions in number, the chance of duplication of domain names is a certain possibility and this is where ICANN comes in.

ICANN makes sure that every domain name which will be used on the internet is unique and not confusing. They make sure that the correct IP addresses and domain names are linked and functions properly.

Though their service on the internet is limited to such maintenance, that singular role is one of the most important and is vital in making the internet easier to use of many people.

ICANN formally became an internet entity in 1998, when the United States Government under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, gave them the mandate to regulate and control the domain name system of the internet.

Since then, ICANN became responsible for checking every domain name used in the internet.

They are also one of the main domain name registrars where people can go when they want to have their own domain names. In 2011, ICANN made a ground-breaking decision to finally the use of domain names in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese Cyrillic and other non-Latin characters in creating domain names.

It is one of the latest events in internet history and ushered in a new age in website management and design today.


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