Information Technology Services in the Health Sector


Information Technology or IT is creeping at a rapid pace in almost every sphere of life. Whether it be education, communication, transport, banking and finance etc. ,the IT has played a vital role in making tasks easier for us along with making this world a global village where any kind of information can be retrieved or a process can be initiated, controlled, monitored and completed anytime from anywhere just with the click of mouse.

When we are having IT services in almost every field then why to leave the health sector behind, after all health is most precious to all than money.

Advancements in health and medical are touching new horizons everyday but these developments are confined to very few people and when they come into actual practice these are not easily available to everyone especially poor people.

This is the place where information technology can play a major role. Before going into the applications of IT in health, just quickly review the part played by IT in other fields.

For anyone new to IT, it can be quite mysterious how IT is affecting almost every field. Actually information technology is used for sharing, storing and modifying any information stored in a computer from anywhere with the help of internet.

Now internet is not a big deal to understand, it just requires a computer and internet connection to open the doors to the vast pool of information. In this way the businesses in different sectors store their information in databases and then those databases can be accessed from anywhere as they are networked to each other.

Now returning back to the health sector, what can IT do in this? The concept is simple and just needs some networking setup to achieve the best results in a short span of time. Suppose some medicine is discovered or is manufactured in very few places.

In case someone needs it urgently and it?s not available in his area, it can be ordered easily over the internet by accessing the website of the company making it. This is a very preliminary example of the application; actually IT has also made it possible to perform complex surgical operations in remote areas without any specialized doctor or fully furnished hospital.

Trained medical staff is available which connects to the doctor via a video conference and the doctor is having the complete case history of the patient. Now the doctor is virtually connected to the patient as he can observe all details he want and then he tells the staff present there to carry out the treatment as suitable.

This practice has already been successfully tested in many countries and has received positive feedback. The backbone supporting this revolutionary idea is information technology.

Exploring some more applications of information technology in health sector, one can very easily think out about handling special cases. Sometimes doctors face very odd cases which has never came to them before so they can search out the internet for such cases or any similar case.

If it has been occurred earlier anywhere then he might get all the details regarding how to start with the treatment, what medicines to follow etc. and he can even contact the doctor who carried out the earlier treatment.

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