Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies

Due to growing use of the web, many business owners are turning online to market their products to billions of customers. However, web marketing is not that easy as it appears to be.

Millions of sites are operating online, and thousands of businesses are competing with one another in the same niche. In such a scenario, tapping customers online is very difficult.

This is more so in case of small businesses that have limited finances at their disposal. However, the good news is small business owners can succeed online by employing strategies of internet marketing for small business.

There are various small business internet marketing techniques that deliver fruitful results.

Local search marketing or local SEO is the best technique for small and local business owners to capture customers online even in a highly competitive environment.

To begin with, use local keywords in your web content. For example, if you are selling flowers in Chicago, use local keyword terms such as best flowers in Chicago or affordable flowers Chicago.

Now place these keywords in your web content. Whenever users in Chicago will browse the net using the above mentioned search terms, there are high chances that your website will come up on the first page of search engine results.


Besides local SEO, you can employ other useful small business internet marketing strategies. Google maps optimization is another effective strategy that drives local traffic to a small and local business online. The best thing about Google listings is it is free of charge.

There is no need to spend any money in order to get your business listed in goggle maps. Fill up a short form and verify your business address. Within a day’s time, you could have your business listed in Google maps.

Moreover, listings in Google maps allow you to link reviews posted by people who have used your services; this in turn attract more potential customers through customer testimonials and reviews.

The biggest benefit of Google maps optimization is listings in Google maps dominates the first page of search engine results. Hence, you stand a better chance of getting better visibility through Google maps optimization and that too without spending a dime.


Promoting your small business through social media platform is another important internet marketing strategy for small business. Millions of folks all over the world are interacting with each other through social sites like twitter, Google +1 and Facebook.

Create your profile page on these social sites, and promote your business products after building a list of loyal followers and fans. Over a period of time, you will be able to get a massive amount of targeted traffic to your business through social media sites.

In addition to this, write articles and submit them to high page rank articles directories with a back link to your website. Similarly, promote your site through classified sites, marketing forums and online newspapers.

All these marketing strategies help to get a regular flow of targeted prospects to your website. The best part is all these small business internet marketing strategies hardy require any money, if you have basic knowledge of SEO.

Take time to learn the basics of online strategies, and employ internet marketing for small business. Within a short time period, you will enjoy a regular flow of targeted prospects and subsequently increased sales.

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