Study Computer Science in the U.S. or Abroad


There is almost no form of employment that is untouched by computers today, from using the touch screen to take fast food orders, to logging insurance information in a database at a medical office. Our lives are completely computerized now. We even run our televisions through digital boxes!

A savvy undergrad with a BSc may want to take graduate study at one of the country’s top computer science schools, in order to make themselves more marketable in their field. Or someone just entering college may want to major in computer science to earn their BSC.

Year after year, one of the top computer science schools in the world continues to be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The quality of education and the variety of subject specializations is unparalleled, and employers recognize and show respect to the name. A graduate from MIT has an excellent chance of scoring employment in their chosen field within a year of graduation.

It’s not surprising that some of the top computer science schools are in California, the home of Silicon Valley. The California Institute of Technology (CalTech) will ready the computer science graduate for the Silicon Valley world.

Stanford University, which also has a broad, comprehensive computer sciences program and name recognition on a par with MIT and CalTech, covers computer sciences as part of their school of engineering.

Also on the West Coast, another of the top computer science schools is University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Berkeley is a state university, meaning a degree will cost less than attending the likes of Stanford or MIT, yet Berkeley’s reputation with employers is just as strong. It’s a great value if money is a consideration.

Further afield are the top international schools for computer science programs, such as Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and McGill University in Quebec, Canada .

Also in Canada, the University of  Waterloo in Ontario offers an excellent undergrad program in software engineering.

Singapore and Australia also boast schools that are becoming more and more recognized in the field of computer science.

Often times, the best place for a person to receive their computer science education is their local community college, simply because of cost and location factors. Will your community college have name recognition for a future employer? Likely not.

But that doesn’t mean that the place right around the corner might not be one of the top computer science schools, and a hidden gem.

Community colleges are a great place to explore your chosen field and get a base of knowledge, before moving on to a university graduate program.

Look into what is local to you. Talk to people in the field. Ask them where they studied and how they felt about the experience and the scope of learning. Apply for internships to round out your education. If you can afford it and have the GPA for it, go ahead and apply to those top schools.

Online Education – Video Training

Another great way to learn computer science is by taking classes online, you can get a degree or just brush up on your skills. There are numerous free sites and dozens of video training courses that you can buy very cheaply.

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