For bloggers looking for ways to promote their blogs, an easy way of driving traffic to their blog is to participate in blog carnivals. Basically, a blog carnival promotional event for blogs whereby one blogger plays the host while other bloggers join as participants. A host blogger announces a date for the carnival together with the topic. The participant bloggers who write blogs about that particular topic will then write a post related to the topic of the carnival, eventually publishing it on their blogs. Every participating blogger sends a link to the host that contains information relating to their specific entry to the blogRead More →


ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is an internet corporation that monitors and regulates the Domain Names System (DNS), ensuring that every domain name used is unique. They also ensure that internet users will find valid addresses of the website there want to visit. The role of the ICANN, though limited has an important part in maintaining the ease of use of the internet. DNS or Domain Names System is basically an easy to use name website owners use as an alternative to the much harder to memorize IP address. Instead of remembering lists of long strings of numbers, personalizedRead More →


Computer Information System is defined as the study of interconnected networks of hardware and software which companies use to collect, filter, process and build data. It is a field involving study and research of computers and algorithmic processes, including their hardware and software designs including their applications. The history of computer information system corresponds to the history of computer science which emerged in the twentieth century. Information systems include management information systems, real time support systems, artificial intelligence systems, automation systems and many more. The critical component of any computer information system is the technology which is specifically designed to enable people to perform complexRead More →