Tips for Ranking High On Google


Internet business owners who are interested in making good profit online usually make queries about how search engines work. Several different methods are used by the search engine, Google to decide on which pages will appear on the top of their results lists.

No one is privy to the secret behind their method but some information is available regarding how to improve placement. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the term used for this task or series of tasks.

The information provided might not place a particular website on the top of Google’s results list, but if used adequately, it can assist the web page in climbing up further on the results page.

Google looks to see how the keyword chosen assist internet users to find the webpage. Instead of using only one word (which several other businesses might be using), it is recommended that keyword phrases be designed instead. Keyword phrases organized in different ways stand a better chance of being ranked high on Google search engine.

When pages are cataloged on Google, one of the things examined is the keyword density. That is, how frequently the keyword appears. It is best to use phrasing that is naturally formed.

Google, in particular, will not get tricked by one word being repeated several times or when text is made ‘invisible’.

What might really happen is a website being barred if this behavior is practiced. There is information available regarding tricks and tips that can cause a webpage to lose their place permanently on Google.

This search engine will examine the initial paragraph for the keyword density; therefore a suggestion is to produce a well-built opening paragraph. Google Toolbar gives users the opportunity to check out their keyword density.

The search results on Google are displayed as links and the title of the webpage is used in the link. There is hardly anyone who is going to be interested in clicking on an ‘untitled’ link. Google will choose links that have descriptive names attached to the tag. To make the best of how search engines work, use the keyword of the webpage in the name of the link or title.

Hyperlink is a major factor that Google is interested in. Links from as well as to the website is looked at by the search engine. The words used in the links will aid Google in deciding on the page content.

Links should be used in web pages to put emphasis on keywords. Page ranking is also determined by links that are coming from other online sites to a particular website. To improve page rank, text links should be exchanged with other appropriate websites.

Pages ranked high on Google are also those that are submitted to the correct directories, link with social networking sites and have an outstanding design.

These pages usually are the ones that gain more popularity and Google responds by placing them even closer to the top. In addition to taking the above-mentioned steps to rank high on Google, designs should be changed and organized to change rank position to higher on Google.

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